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Post by Admin on Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:19 pm

I'm going to do one more week of my current cycle and then start a new one.  There are going to be a few changes.  

Increase Weight on Main Lifts (5 lbs on Upper Body and 10 lbs on Lower Body)
Do 4 Sets of Assistance Lifts instead of 3
Add variety to Assistance Lifts

The conditioning work will vary in intensity depending on the type of work I did that day.  If I got exercise at work, I'll do shorter conditioning during my workout.  Anyway, looking forward to it.  By adding variety to the assistance lifts, I'm going to keep the rep count the same.  So instead of doing 8 reps of squats, I may do:  4 Box Squats and 4 A2G Squats.  This will make it a little more fun.  Here are the assistance lifts that I'm going to add in:

Squats:  4 Reps Box Squats 60%, 4 Reps A2G Squats
OH Press:  4 Reps OH Press 60%, 4 Reps Dumbbell Press (30 lbs)
Deadlifts:  4 Reps Deadlifts 60%, 4 Reps Power Cleans 95 lbs
Bench:  4 Reps Bench 60%, 4 Reps Ring Dips

My Pull Exercise will be Strict Pull-ups.

The idea is to add a manageable amount of weight to the main lifts and to add a little bit more assistance work (and variety). But I want to do this without making a huge jump and burning out. Anyway, looking forward to switching it up.
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